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    Imagine. No more coordinating with the web guy about your content marketing by the copywriter who brought in a graphic designer she knew in college. No more last minute scrambling to get displays and materials designed and printed in time for the business expo where your competition always kills it.

    UpHill Marketing makes it easy to roll all your marketing efforts into one nice efficient package. Whether you’re focusing on content marketing, inbound or traditional marketing methodology, we have the experience to help you plan new strategies or implement your current strategies.

    Our business relationships begin with a thorough discovery session where we discuss your company’s origins, strengths, weaknesses and we take a good look at your competition to determine their strengths and weaknesses as well. We help define your target market and then we use all of this information as the bedrock of the campaigns and strategies we develop and manage for you. Once we know who you are and what we can do to help, we provide a wide variety of services without the sticker shock. Elements of your campaign might include our fabulous photography and video services, copywriting for those blogs and newsletters, social media management, and, in case you didn’t know, our award winning graphic design partners will knock your socks off with their talent and creativity.

    All this goodness for such a reasonable rate. Why do they do it? Well, we know the value of a dollar and we want to give you the most for yours. Simple as that.

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