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    We are expense reduction specialists, Schooley Mitchell is the largest independent telecommunications, credit card processing and shipping cost consulting firm in North America. We do not provide these services, we objectively consult on these costly services on your behalf. Our service is pretty simple; We provide a 100% risk free analysis of everything you use to communicate, including but not limited to local/long distance phone services, wireless services, conferencing and internet and more. We also provide an analysis of your merchant services billing accounts and shipping costs. We prepare a professional report summarizing all your services, so you can clearly see what you have and what you are paying for. We advise you on how you can do it with equal or better service for less cost. Our advice is totally objective, completely independent, therefore, we are not aligned with any telecoms, merchant services or shipping providers. Our goals are in complete alignment with our client’s, everything we do is in their best interest. The best part is, that there is no fees unless we find savings that you agree to implement from our report's recommendations. If we find you savings, we only bill after you have those savings in your bank for three months, no financial risk to you. Furthermore, this is not a one time effort as we continue to monitor and analyze your tele, merchant and shipping needs now and in the future, using our knowledge, specialists software, research and development, highly trained analysts and our network of Schooley Mitchell offices across the country.


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